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Kale month
is finally here

Have you try our BEETS & GREENS salad?

Farmers in Santa Rosa daily bringing our greens.


Locally sourced  fresh cuisine
for everyone

We offer a flavorful mix of Turkish, Greek, and Middle-Eastern dishes, the purest olive oils and Mediterranean herbs, plus a twist of standard American classic fare. 

Our style is simple, but creative and refined, with a lean on Mediterranean region history.

Delicious slabs of skewered fast food sh

Q. What kind of food do you serve?

A. We specialize in cuisine from all over the Mediterranean. We offer a flavorful mix of Turkish, Greek, and Middle Eastern dishes, the purest olive oils and Mediterranean cheeses, plus a twist of standard American classic fare. 


Q. Is dessert on the menu?


A. Absolutely! Our Chef is a virtuoso pastry chef. His wizardry with baklava, kunafah, and other guest favorites has been known to inspire applause.


Q. What’s the dining style at Mediterranean Kitchen? 


A. The ambience is a kind of casual in our vibrant Burlingame neighborhood. It’s ideal for couples, dates, families, foodies, special occasions.Spaced-out tables and booths contribute to a relaxed environment that’s comfortable and in good spirits.


Q. Is there outdoor seating?


A. Yes!


Q. What’s the price range?


A. Affordable plate prices, especially for the Burlingame neighborhood. Appetizers start at $5, entrees from $8 to $15. Desserts start at $6.

Q. Is your food organic?


A. Yes! We really mean it when we say that, we use as many organic ingredients as possible. We do our best to always source the best ingredients, always opting for local and organic whenever we can.

Q. Is your restaurant kid friendly?


A. Yes! Keeping families in mind, we have a kid's section and special kid's menu, too!

Q. Do you serve alcohol?


A. Yes, we serve beer and wine!

Q. Is there a Happy Hour?


A. No! We haven't made any specials yet.


Q. Do you deliver? Where to order?


A. Delivery is available seven days a week during regular operating hours.

We partner with   


Q. Do you do catering?


A. Yes! Simple lunch? Special meeting? Wedding? Anniversary? We do cater and deliver to all special occasion.

Q. Do you have a presence on social media?


A. We’re on Facebook and Instagram.


Q. Do you take reservations?


A. No! We are a first come first serve restaurant.


Q. How involved are the partners in the business?


A. Very involved. Partners are hands-on in daily operation. At least one partner is always in the restaurant overseeing service and engaging one-on-one with guests. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve. 

Q. Do the partners own other restaurants?


A. Yes! The partners have been in business for over 15 years. 

They have many successful restaurants all over the Bay Area.

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